Clear Shield:Where To Buy France?

Clear Shield
2 min readFeb 4, 2021

Clear Shield is a reusable and totally transparent mask that will allow us to fully show our face while being protected against viruses and bacteria called Smart Shield. It is safe, clean and we can use it as many times as we want.One of the great advantages of the Clear Shield reusable mask is that it is totally hermetic over its entire surface and the breathing zone is in the side filters. This prevents any splash of any kind from penetrating, thus protecting us from viruses and bacteria.

One of the things that makes the Clear Shield Smart Shield reusable mask special is that it is completely transparent, and will allow you to fully show your face again when you are with other people, either on the street, or in meetings.In addition to this, it has an advanced anti-fog system that will leave your face and that of yours always in view.

It Clear Shield as psychological support, making it easier and more comfortable to go out and socialize again.Could you indicate the level of security they have? From what they explain, it is totally waterproof because of the silicone with which it is made, but the side air intakes are not very well. Can you give more information about it?I thought it would be more uncomfortable to wear with the helmet on the motorcycle, but it really is very comfortable, and it also protects from the cold in winter. It seems like a very good option and my glasses don’t fog up.Click Here